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Starry Night Themed Star Print Retractable Nest Play Mat

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Amazing must-have for baby!
Cloud Pillow, Elephant Pillow
Product features
Suitable for spine development, cut without touching.
Our products are made of 100% Organic Cotton Fabric, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Allergic.
First-class bead fiber that absorbs moisture and vapor is used. It doesn't sweat your baby.
 Washing instructions
 Do not use the long-term spin mode.
 Iron at low temperature.
 Do not use bleach. (Bleach etc.)
 Wash at 30 degrees.
Product Dimensions
 Size when opened: 125x125cm
 Closed size: 70x70cm
 Elephant Pillow: 40x30cm
 Cloud Pillow: 40x35cm